Shocking: See how I made nearly N4000 everyday

You're right on track. If you have been searching on how to make money online. am so glad to share to you today how to make nearly N4000 (four thousand naira) everyday. On this tutorials you shall see:

Table of Contents

  • Proof of payment of the free N4000
  • How to open an Opay Account for free withdrawal
  • How to make the N4000 (4k) daily Steps

Proof Of Payment of free N4000

Withdrawal Proof. So Easy!

If you're new here. Do read gently and follow steps posted here to get the best out of this post. You will need to have the following: 

Get an Opay Account by clicking here Download Opay here 

After you click on the link input your number  for the new Opay account and remove first zero. Then click on download and earn. It will take you to play store where you will download the Opay app

Do not use mine. Just click on install and open the application after successfully installed.

  1. Open the Opay and register successfully
  2. Note your Opay account number is your phone Number when you remove first zero like 9071558886
Have you gotten your Opay account successful? Now, let move on to the main part of rocking things for real. Read the main part below.

 How to make the N4000 (4k) daily Steps

2. Install or Update the application.
3. Open it and register on hype or click on the image below to register

4. Input your Opay Number to register and collect otp code from cloudotp

5. After successful registration, click on the below link and you will be guided on how to withdraw from this platform. So, nice and easy. WhatsApp for the N4000(4k) withdraw

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